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We're a family company that values honesty and integrity. With over 15 years of industry experience, we stand behind our work...every time. 

Owner, George Lochner, works on a roof

With over 15 years years of industry experience, we specialize in Asphalt Shingle and Metal Roofing installation, replacement, and repairs. Our services are customized to the individual project, paying close attention to the details of each project that we're involved with.

Historically, the Lochner family has long lived by the latin motto, assiduitate, non desidia. The motto translates roughly to by industry, not sloth. In starting Lochner Roofing, LLC underpinning this family venture with expertise, hard-work, and a commitment to top-quality work, it became the perfect motto to focus our company on.

Meet George Lochner, Owner

My fascination with building began with my first set of Lincoln logs, then nurtured with opportunities to help my dad with general home repair. At twelve I began to spend some time around a family friend’s work sites. Cleaning up sites and moving lumber around were all I was allowed to do, but I was hooked. By the age of sixteen I was a paid laborer operating electrical and pneumatic tools for Lee’s Custom Designs. A few year later, I began working for Coho Roofing; under the tutelage of Scott Cross I was able to find a true love and develop an expertise for the roofing aspect of home building and construction. Today I’ve earned over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of roofing and general home building projects. I am always learning more about the trade and actively work to develop my expertise with new technologies and materials. 

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